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Meditation – The Answers Lie Within

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We are all independent entities with free will and spirit, however, we are all part of one large universe. We are the quintessence of an entity far beyond our existence. We all emerged from a singular source of perfection, peace, joy, and wisdom and by that virtue, when we look within we find that perfect love, peace, joy and wisdom. Rumi rightly stated that you are not a mere drop in the ocean, but an ocean in its entirety in a drop.

If we focus too much on ourselves we can become caged in our body, feelings, thoughts, and material possessions i.e. the house, car etc. But we are not just our body, thoughts, feeling, or personal belonging. We are much more beyond it.

Every time you feel down, keep in mind that true happiness lies within. What you can is to take some quiet time to see and understand who you truly are, and to explore and experience inner peace and joy.

Everything we know in existence is in a perpetual state of motion, from the solar system to the tiny atoms. For every motion, there exists a certain frequency, a rhythm. Likewise, there exists an aura around each of us, an individual frequency assigned to each one of us. We are naturally born at a frequency coherent with that of the universe. Over time, the harmful thoughts and negativity disturb our natural frequency pushing us off the balance. That’s exactly where you need help from an expert to help you bring back the balance and tune into the frequency of the universe.

For a simple start, you can adopt this new regimen of starting your day with meditation and connecting to who you are i.e. your true and higher self or your natural frequency. Once you connect to your true self and gain natural rhythm, it will stop you from getting lost in the thoughts the emotions that pass by. Our thoughts, if not channelled positively, can lead to a lot of happiness and difficulties in our lives; however when you connect to your true self (or the Source) consistently, you are receiving high frequencies which will in turn change your thoughts (and emotions) into positive ones and bring a lot of positive change into your life.

Remember, despite all the negativities that exist around you, you can be anything you want to be. You just have to focus and tap into the limitless world of possibilities. Bear in mind that you can be anything you want to be. You have been labelled in life right from your birth by your parents, teachers, caregivers, and everyone else. You have been boxed and maybe lived other people's expectations instead of following your own heart. Over time, you start adjusting to those boxes and start becoming what people expect of you. Limiting your own free will and desire, you get caged into those boxes.

With the help of meditation you can break those boxes and free yourself. Meditation is the key to setting yourself free and breaking the chains. It lets you tap into your true self and help you realize that you do not need to conform to the requirements of others and please them. You can take control of your life and live the abundant life of YOUR dreams, not how others expect you to live it.

The best way to meditate is to reduce the physical disturbances and find yourself a spot to relax. Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself submerged in an ocean of energy and connect to your natural energy and frequency. Allow healing to come upon you because you are capable of self-healing.

Now imagine yourself in front of beautiful golden light, filled with pure unconditional love. And bring the film of your life to this light, everything that has happened to you is rewinding in front of your eyes. As you go through it, you might expect judgment and labelling over it, but all there is, is an unconditional love for every single thing that you have been, felt, or done. Beyond the borders of good and bad, right and wrong, there is a source of pure love for each of your actions. Unconditional love waiting to embrace you.

Remember, it’s all within you. You may be a tiny drop, but remember you are part of a mighty ocean. You are just one step away from tapping into the infiniteness of your being and taking control of your life once again.

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