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The Secret to Health

Perhaps, everything that we see around us is there because of love. Some interpret it as a grandiose mystery, while others term love as the root of every existence. Either way, love is a building block of all that we know. Be it good, bad, sad, or happy. All these colorful experiences and emotions make life what is. Interestingly; however, there are dimensions where these emotions and experiences do not exist. Where there is no good or bad, happy or sad, pain or otherwise. The experiences that we have on the earth have a purpose. The so-called ‘negative feelings’ are intended as a contrast to the experiences of the other dimension, so we can appreciate them more.

Anger, fury, guilt, shame, resentment, and rage are an array of low frequencies that affect our lives. These low frequencies resonate in the bodies we live in, and result in bodily diseases and pain. In reality, they are just a signal from our body, informing us of the ever-increasing imbalance in the frequency of our field. Our internal system, when overloaded with a large number of low frequencies, develops certain diseases, informing us of an underlying root cause. Rumi once said, “These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them”.

It has been noticed that most of these low frequencies exist since childhood. Children are born purely on the nature of love. Over time, the parents intentionally or unintentionally push their children to suppress their feelings. Instead, children should be allowed to vent out their feelings, and empathy should be offered to them instead of distractions. Venting out the emotions lets the low frequencies pass, while distractions suppress and bottle up the frequencies. Over time, these low frequencies will pile up and soon one finds themselves swimming and sinking in the low frequencies that can translate into serious diseases. This, unfortunately, does not stop here. Low frequencies have been observed to attract low-frequency carriers to it, and thus attract negative and low-frequency people and situations. The low frequencies combine, resonate, and further exacerbate problems.

On the mental front, the low frequencies cause stress, anxiety, depression, imbalances etc. All these combined are negatively portrayed in our personal, social, and financial facets of life. Low frequencies in life have also been observed to play their role in blocking connection to our true higher self, to the divine, and the universe. However, we should be thankful for the pains, for they are but mere signaling of our body towards a far serious and bigger problem of imbalance in our frequencies.

You can always try to decipher the pain, listen to it, and hear it out. The best solution is to take a few quiet moments. Sit calmly in a relaxed environment, close your eyes and scan your body to find out where in your body is it located, scan and feel into your head, throat, chest, heart, stomach, or any other of the body. Once this is located, the next step is to describe it, whether it is a recurring or pulsating pain or a sharp needle pain, what colour does it have? Once you have this, just open an imaginary door in the area you’ve identified. You can ask the pain what is it here to tell you, what would it like you to do? Talk to it as if it was a separate entity and bring resolve.

This exercise is important, to avoid distracting and numbing the pain, which eventually piles up and becomes dis-ease. It should be kept in mind that any emotion that persists for over 2 minutes is not an emotion, it has become a state. And low-frequency states can, in long term, cause serious damage.

Many people are unable to identify their feelings and achieve connectivity to their true higher-self. They live in an unconscious state where they continue to bottle up all their feelings. Eventually, they start feeling the brunt of low frequencies and negativities. Everyone should open up to their feelings and accept them for what they are. Once you accept your feelings and let them pass through, you can finally connect to your true higher self. This connectivity helps you in gaining control over your health.

Beliefs have an important role to play in our lives; they are like the pillars on which our lives rely. Beliefs can be made, erased and amended, but it requires specialized tools and experienced guide. After years of working with patients, I have been able to develop an exciting innovative tool, which helps erase unwanted beliefs and re-imprint more positive beliefs; the tool is called Bio Hypnosis Re-Imprinting. You can find this tool in my course called ”Manifest Wellbeing” which you can access from the menu above.

With love


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