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How to easily stay on your mission

You have defined a mission, you've set up goals in line with your mission and life's purpose, and you've even set up a daily priority plan. What else do you need?

I'm sharing just 5 tips that will help you stay on track:

1. Relegate, Delegate & Terminate

When studying your daily to do list, you may find that you just have way too many items on the list to possibly accomplish. So what can you do? Apply the simple but effective RDT method.

Relegate - First decide which of the items on the list must be done to accomplish your long term goals. These of course, are your priorities. You must relegate yourself to the fact that these items must be done and most importantly done first.

Delegate - Next when reviewing your to do list ask yourself is there anyone that could be doing these items instead of me? Can you out source it, hire it done, or could someone else be doing this work? Wise people attempt to delegate as much as possible.

Terminate - What is on your to do list that does not have to be done? Are there items that are nothing more than busy work? If you can't terminate them, at least, put them on the very bottom of the list.

2. Automate Yourself

Automate as much of your steps while working. Save time and stay on track each working day!

3. Cut the dead wood

As your business or career begins to pick up steam you may find that you cannot simply work with every customer. You may need to begin choosing your customers. This is one of the toughest aspects of time management: Prioritising! All customers are good, but the fact is some are better than others. Here is a quick way to qualify your customers:

Motivation Level - Do they really want to buy? Ability - Can they close the deal?

Timing - Are they ready to act now! Or are they stalling?

4. Deal with paper once

How many times do you move one piece of paper around on your desk? Some papers we keep shuffling, and shuffling, and shuffling.

So what can we do about it?

Use the one touch rule.

Only touch paper once before you do something with it. There are three uses for every piece of paper you have on your desk - Here they are:

File It - Put it where it needs to go - Which is off your desk!

Toss it – most of the stuff that comes across your desk is rubbish!

Deal with it - If it requires your attention do something with it!

Deal with paper once a day! Set aside just one time during the day to deal with paper, deal with it and move on!

5. Time Log

Can you remember what you did five days ago?

Hey, I can't remember what I did five hours ago! But when you are trying to improve your time management skills you must have the ability to measure your actions against your results. Within the investment world we call this the ROI or return on investment.

What is your return on investment for your time?

The only way to measure this key aspect of your business, is to take periodic stock of your business, every step while working. Do this with a time log.

A time log is a simple notebook, in which you record all of your working activities for a week and then compare your success with your actions.

If you find that your actions did not equal success then it may be time to re-evaluate your time investments. I'm sure I could find at least 5 more tips that could help you stay on track, but the most important one in my opinion for sure is to live your life's purpose.

Are you still in search of your life purpose? Join my Manifest Well-Being programme in order to find it, to heal your blocks and manifest the things you want. Register now!

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