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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

You deserve to be kind and loving towards yourself on a regular basis. Especially if you are busy (raising a family or with work commitments) It's really important to prioritize your self-care because when you are in a good place, you can live your best version of yourself, you fill your own cup and you will be able to act with love instead of reacting from a place of 'running on empty'

So here are some self-love ideas:

- take 5 mins a day to focus on your breathing only. Anytime a thought will come to your mind, bring your attention back to your breathing and continue. You can set a timer in your phone if that helps;

- make a habit of writing a gratitude list every day. Make sure you state the reason why you are grateful for each item. This has a cumulative effect.

- you can celebrate the wins or things you did great each day. Aim to write at least three things you did great that day. If you find it hard to find three things, then you need to write ten things you did well that day;

- if, during the day, you have had some issues or you encountered some difficulties, try to think of the positives or benefits to your life that these difficulties or (someone's perceived negative) actions or traits have brought to you. Aim to write at least 10 benefits and think across all seven areas of life: mental, physical, vocational, financial, spiritual, social and family.

- make sure you connect with nature on a regular basis. Connecting with nature makes us feel more positive, energized and joyful. And, when the weather permits it, make sure your feet touch the ground or sand. You can even hug trees in winter if nothing else is available.

- do you use a positive self-talk ? Meditation or some kind of therapy or mindfulness practice will help with being more aware of the thoughts and things we say to ourselves.

- allow yourself to enjoy the process not the end result. Toddlers show us this when they spend hours examining leaves or holes or what not before getting to the park. They are present in the moment and if we try to rush them they will lose confidence in trying to stay present and instead, learn to aim to get quicker to the result. So, just enjoy each moment as it is and allow yourself to just be as much as you can.

- accept what IS (or that which has already happened). We cannot change something that has happened 2 seconds ago, so by complaining about something that has already happened will only make us feel unhappy and all these low vibrations will pull us down. Make sure you find the 1 minute meditation called 'Secret door to heaven' which will guide you through a simple technique to allow everything that has already happened or that annoys you to just pass through you without affecting you;

- stop comparing self with others. There will always be somebody around us who will have more stuff or be better than us. If you compare yourself with others it will lower your self-esteem and confidence and possibly discourage you in achieving your dreams. So just compare yourself with your past self and you will see how far you will go.

- forgive yourself for anything you think you have done wrong. Carrying around those feelings of guilt and shame will pull you down and keep you at a low level of manifestation and mental wellbeing. Be sure to search for my unconditional love meditation or how to forgive yourself technique video on youtube.

I hope you've gotten some inspiration and ideas on how you can improve your self-love routine. Know you are born perfect, loved and unique with a special purpose on this Planet. You have something important to bring to the table. The world is awaiting your service.

With love,

Ella Simona xx

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